Best Quiet Rowing Machine For Apartment: The Top 5 Picks

Rowing machines are an excellent exercise equipment option that can offer a comprehensive workout for your entire body without putting too much stress on your joints. Whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, a rowing machine can benefit your health and fitness routine.

First and foremost, rowing machines are excellent for cardiovascular exercise. Rowing engages the major muscle groups in your body, including your legs, core, back, and arms, to provide a full-body workout that gets your heart rate up and burns calories. This can improve your overall endurance and help you to develop a healthier heart and lungs.

Additionally, rowing machines can help to build and tone muscle. As you row, you are engaging multiple muscle groups, which can lead to increased strength and endurance over time. Your legs, back, and core are all majorly involved in the rowing motion, which can lead to increased muscle definition and a stronger, leaner physique.

Using a rowing machine can also be beneficial for weight loss. Rowing is a high-intensity workout that can help you burn many calories, making it a great option for people looking to shed those extra pounds. Because it is low-impact, rowing is also a great choice for individuals with joint issues or other conditions that may make high-impact exercises more difficult.

Another benefit is stress relief. The repetitive, meditative motion of rowing can be a calming and centering experience, helping to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

If you’re looking to purchase a rowing machine for your apartment, it’s crucial to consider some essential factors before deciding. Before buying, many variables must be considered, from resistance types to available space. However, the machine’s noise level is among the most critical considerations. Because you’ll be using it in an apartment setting, choosing a rowing machine that operates quietly is important to avoid disturbing your neighbors or roommates. 

In addition to noise level, you’ll also want to consider the machine’s size and storage, resistance type, durability and construction, and various features. Considering all these factors, you can find the perfect rowing machine for your apartment that meets your fitness needs while being well-suited to your living situation.

We’ve rounded up the top five picks for the best rowing machines perfect for small spaces. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option or something more heavy-duty, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the best quiet rowing machine for your apartment today!

Key Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Quiet Rowing Machine For An Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your fitness goals. A rowing machine can be an excellent addition to your home gym routine, offering a low-impact, whole-body exercise that can promote calorie burning and muscle strengthening. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that not all rowing machines are the same, and there are significant factors to remember when selecting the best machine for your apartment. 

In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision, including the size of the machine, the type of resistance, noise level, and more. So, let’s dive in and discover the key factors to consider when buying the best rowing machine for your apartment!

Noise Level

If you’re considering buying a rowing machine for your apartment, the noise level is one of the most important factors. Living in an apartment means you have neighbors nearby, so you don’t want to disturb them with a noisy workout machine.

There are a few considerations to remember regarding the noise level. First, consider the type of resistance system the rowing machine uses. Machines with air resistance tend to be louder than those with magnetic or water resistance. If the noise level is a major concern, opt for a machine with a quieter resistance system.

The construction quality of the rowing machine is another crucial factor to consider. Higher-quality machines often have better noise insulation, which can help reduce the sound level. Additionally, look for machines with solid construction and sturdy materials, as these tend to produce less noise during use. 

Overall, the noise level is a key factor when choosing a rowing machine for an apartment. You can enjoy a great workout without disturbing those around you by opting for a machine with a quieter resistance system, solid construction, and good noise insulation. 

Resistance Types

There are 4 types of resistance types that rowing machines make use of. We explain all 4 of them below:

  • Air Resistance: This type of resistance is generated by a spinning flywheel that moves through the air, creating resistance as you pull the rowing handle. The harder and faster you pull, the more resistance is created. Air resistance is often preferred by experienced rowers because it closely simulates the feel of rowing on water.
  • Water Resistance: Some rowing machines use water to generate resistance. Water resistance rowing machines have a tank of water at the front of the machine with paddles that spin as you pull the rowing handle. The resistance is created by the water moving against the paddles, which simulates the feeling of rowing on water. Those who want a more realistic rowing experience often prefer water resistance.
  • Magnetic Resistance: This type of resistance is generated by a magnet system that creates resistance as you pull the rowing handle. Magnetic resistance is often adjustable, so you can easily increase or decrease the resistance level to suit your workout needs. Magnetic resistance is often quieter than other types of resistance, making it a good choice for those who want to work out without disturbing others.
  • Hydraulic Resistance: Hydraulic resistance is created by pistons or cylinders that move through hydraulic fluid as you pull the rowing handle. The resistance level can be adjusted on most hydraulic rowing machines, making it a good choice for those who want a versatile workout. Hydraulic rowing machines are a popular choice for individuals with a tight budget since they tend to be more space-efficient and affordable than other rowing machines.

We prioritize personal usage, and if you’re seeking a cost-effective rowing machine that delivers a genuine rowing experience, we strongly suggest considering water rowers. With their use of water resistance, they closely mimic the sensation of rowing on the water and are also available at a reasonable price point.

Size and Space 

Another thing to consider is the size of the rowing machine and how much space you have available. Measure your open floor space and compare it to the dimensions of the rowing machines you are considering. Leave enough room around the machine to use it comfortably and move around it freely.

Foldability and Portability 

Consider a foldable rowing machine that can easily move around if you have limited space. Some machines can be folded and stored vertically or horizontally to save space when not in use. Others may have wheels or handles to make it easier to move around your apartment.

Comfort and Adjustability 

Ensure the rowing machine you choose is comfortable and adjustable to your body size and preferences. Look for a machine with a comfortable seat and foot pedals that accommodate different shoe sizes. Adjustable resistance levels are also important so you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout as needed.


The monitor on a rowing machine can provide valuable feedback on your workout, including distance, time, stroke rate, and calories burned.

A clear and easy-to-use monitor can help you track your progress and stay motivated during your workouts. Some monitors even allow you to connect to fitness apps or programs to track your workouts over time.

When choosing a rowing machine for a small apartment, consider the size of the monitor and how it will fit into your space. Some monitors may be larger or have more features than others, which can impact the overall size of the rowing machine. Look for a monitor that is easy to read and use, with clear buttons and intuitive navigation.

Fitness Goals

Workout goals are a critical factor to consider when selecting the right machine. Depending on the goal, different machines offer different features. For example, if muscle building is the goal, a hydraulic rower is the best choice as it provides varied resistance levels. If weight loss is the aim, most rowers are suitable and will help achieve this goal. 

Reputable Brands

Many well-known brands, such as Concept2, Stamina, and WaterRower, have been in the market for a long time and are renowned for their quality products. It is important to ensure that whichever brand of rower you choose has all the necessary features and specifications to meet your needs while also being comfortable to use and fitting in your space. Additionally, it is important to look into the warranty the manufacturer offers to ensure that you have coverage in case anything goes wrong. By choosing a quality brand, you can ensure that you have a great rowing machine experience.


Consider your budget and what features are most important to you. Rowing machines can range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. While a more expensive machine may have more features, you can still find a quality machine at a reasonable price that fits your needs.

How To Reduce The Noise Level Of Rowing Machines

If you’re living in a small apartment or have nearby neighbors, the noise generated by your rowing machine may become a source of worry. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the noise level of your machine without sacrificing the quality of your workout. Here are some effective solutions:

Lubricate the Chain 

A common source of noise on a rowing machine is the chain. Over time, the chain can become dry and start to make a rattling or squeaking sound. Try lubricating the chain with a high-quality chain lubricant to reduce the noise. Apply the lubricant to the chain and wipe off any excess with a rag.

Use a Mat 

Placing a rubber or foam mat under your rowing machine can help reduce the noise and vibration that travels through the floor. Look for a mat designed for exercise equipment, and ensure it is the appropriate size for your machine. A rug can also protect your floor from scratches and dents.

Tighten Loose Screws 

Over time, the screws and bolts on your rowing machine can loosen and start to rattle. To reduce the noise, inspect your machine for loose screws and tighten them as needed. Make sure to use the appropriate tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the Seat and Footrests 

The seat and footrests on your rowing machine can also create noise if they are loose or not properly adjusted. Check that the seat is securely attached and that the footrests are adjusted to the correct position for your feet. This will help reduce any rattling or squeaking during your workout.

Consider a Magnetic or Hydraulic Machine 

If you have tried the above solutions and are still experiencing a high noise level, consider a rowing machine with magnetic or hydraulic resistance. These machines tend to be quieter than air or water-resistance machines, making them a good option for small apartments or shared living spaces.

Our 5 Top Picks For The Best Quiet Rowing Machine For Apartments

This section will present the top 5 rowing machines designed for small spaces, allowing you to pick the one that best fits your workout objectives and living environment. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rower, you’ll find a machine on this list that can assist you in achieving your fitness objectives without occupying excessive space.

Our top 5 rowing machines for apartments offer various workout options and resistance levels to suit different fitness needs, making them the perfect solution for anyone who loves to stay fit in a small space. We considered factors such as size, noise level, price, quality, and features. We made sure to choose compact, quiet, and affordable machines without sacrificing quality and durability. Let’s jump into the 5 best rowing machines for apartments.

1. Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine – Overall Best Rowing Machine For Apartment

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower is a top-of-the-line rowing machine designed for commercial use. It comes with a 10-degree ergonomic rowing handle and is available in light gray or black with a glossy finish. It has a 20-inch seat height, making it more accessible for those with limited mobility. The machine has a smooth ride and is equipped with the advanced PM5 Performance Monitor, considered the industry standard. 

The footrests on the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine are adjustable, making it possible for users of different heights and sizes to find a comfortable fit. The footrests are an integral part of the machine’s design, providing stability and allowing users to get the most out of their workouts.

In terms of design and construction, The Model E rower is designed for commercial use and features a durable construction with a sleek glossy paint finish and an aluminum monitor arm that is both sturdy and high-performing. 

It also has a flywheel for quiet operation and adjustable resistance levels. The PM5 monitor displays data such as distance, speed, pace, time, and calories, and it can connect to fitness apps via ANT, Bluetooth, and heart rate monitors. 

To monitor their heart rate, users must purchase a heart rate strap, which will help them keep a close eye on their heart rate without constantly staring at their Fitbit. The USB-ready monitor also allows users to store their workouts and save them on a flash drive by plugging it in and downloading the information.

The capacity of up to 500 pounds makes it a great choice for heavier users. Its wide, one-piece leg design makes the unit feel sturdy, and the molded ergonomic seat supports your back and hindquarters even on long rides.

The monorail measures 54 inches, so you may need an extra-long monorail if your inseam measures 38 inches or more. Concept2 tested this rower for those weighing up to 500 pounds, but the European Stationary Fitness Equipment Testing Standard EN 20957-7 puts the limit at 300 pounds.

The Concept2 is easy to assemble, maneuverable, and easy to clean. It is priced at $1,100 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a two-year warranty on all parts, and a five-year warranty on frame parts.


  • Performance: The Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine offers a smooth ride that can accommodate all levels of users. The flywheel ensures a consistent motion, and the adjustable resistance levels allow users to tailor their workout to their needs.
  • Compatibility: The PM5 Performance Monitor is USB-ready, so users can store their workouts on a flash drive. It also connects to supported fitness apps and heart rate monitors via ANT and Bluetooth, giving users more options for tracking their progress.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning the Concept2 is easy; a quick wipe-down with antibacterial spray and regular oil-cleaning will help keep it in working order and extend its life.
  • Mobility: The caster wheels on the front make the machine easy to maneuver and transport, while its quick-release frame lock allows it to split into separate pieces for convenient storage.
  • Design and Comfort: The Model E has an ergonomic handle and molded seat for maximum comfort, even on long rides. 


  • Price: The Concept2 Model E is pricey at $1,100, so it may be out of reach of some users.
  • Size: At 96 inches long and 24 inches wide, the Concept2 takes up much space, so it may not fit into some homes or apartments.
  • Handle: The rowing handle may be too large for smaller hands, so getting used to the feel may take some time.

2. NordicTrack RW900 – Best Smart Rowing Machine For Apartment

The NordicTrack RW900 is an advanced high-tech rowing machine with a large 22″ touchscreen secured over the flywheel. It features magnetic resistance and comfortable geometry and can be stored upright when unused. The iFit subscription provides users with thousands of classes led by encouraging instructors to take their fitness to the next level. 

The RW900 Rower features a silent magnetic resistance with 26 digital resistance levels, making it perfect for apartments and condos. This magnetic resistance uses a belt attached to the handle to pull against the inertia-enhanced flywheel. This type of resistance is quiet and allows users to easily select and navigate between levels on the touch screen. The SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance will enable users to row without disturbing others, making this an ideal rower for shared spaces.

Once you’ve completed your row, you can also analyze your workout stats on the 22″ tilt and pivot Smart HD touchscreen. This adjustable touchscreen provides users an interactive experience using the iFit platform, with thousands of classes and outdoor rowing routes available. It is placed directly over the flywheel for perfect visibility and can be adjusted to fit your height and angle preferences. The touch screen can also be rotated so you can use it for iFit classes off the rower, like Pilates and strength training, making the RW900 a more versatile machine for a complete workout. The larger screen size provides added convenience in navigating menus and adjusting settings, allowing you to relish your workout in the comfort of your residence.

The RW900 has 30 pre-programmed workouts and a 1-month free iFit membership. The 82″ L x 22″ W x 54″ H footprint, oversized steel seat rail, ergonomic molded seat, oversized pivoting pedals, adjustable nylon foot straps, and a soft touch ergonomic handle make it comfortable to use. It has a 10-year frame warranty and a 250 lb weight capacity.

This rower does not feature a folding design but is designed to be stored upright when not in use. This makes storing in a closet or corner of a room easier. The rower also has front-mounted transport wheels to help you move and store it upright. 


  • Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel: The flywheel is quiet and provides magnetic resistance with a belt attached to the handle to pull against.
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance: Quiet resistance with 26 preset digital resistance levels makes it easy to select and navigate between levels on the touch screen.
  • Ergonomic, Molded Seat and Oversized, Pivoting Pedals: The seat and pedals are extra wide for added comfort and to accommodate users.
  • Auxiliary Music Port: Connect your device to enjoy your preferred music while exercising.
  • 30W Premium Sound System: Listen to music loud and clear through the front-mounted speakers.
  • Adjustable Nylon Foot Straps: Velcro foot straps make strapping in and out quick and simple.
  • Front-mounted Transport Wheels: Wheels make it easy to move the rower around.
  • 10-Year Frame Warranty: With this extended warranty, you can trust in the excellence of your equipment.


  • No Adjustment Buttons on Console: Everything needs to be accessed through the touch screen.
  • Not Best for Advanced or Strong Rowers: Some users may out-row the magnetic resistance.
  • 250 lb Weight Capacity: This is on the lower end compared to other rowing machines.

3. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine – Best Quiet Rowing Machine For Apartment

The Concept2 Model D is the premier indoor rowing machine on the market. It is a commercial-grade rower used in fitness centers, homes, and gyms worldwide. This machine features air fan resistance, a PM5 backlit display, a contoured seat, and a maximum user weight capacity of 500 lbs. The frame is made of welded steel construction, has a double powder coat with a glossy finish, and folds into two parts for easy storage. 

The Model D Indoor Rowing Machine has a PM5 backlit display that requires two D-cell batteries. This display provides metrics including distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and watts, and it can track various games and programs. The PM5 backlit display is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing users to connect to a wireless heart rate monitor for accurate heart rate training. 

The Concept2 Model D will support users up to 6.6 feet tall and up to 500 pounds of user weight, making it one of the most durable and sturdy rowers on the market. It has a full footprint of 96″ long and 24″ wide and a seat height of 14″ off the floor. The frame is made from aluminum front legs and steel rear legs with an aluminum monorail and stainless steel track. It is lightweight and easy to move, weighing only 57 pounds.

The Concept2 Model D has a flywheel designed to generate a smooth and powerful rowing experience. The flywheel’s air resistance is generated based on the power of the user’s pull stroke, providing infinite resistance and a challenging workout. 

The flywheel is an essential component of the Concept2 Model D, providing an authentic rowing experience and an optimal workout for users of any fitness level. The flywheel is purposely designed to be lightweight, allowing for convenient transportation and storage when not being utilized. The flywheel is enclosed with a steel chain and uses a nickel-plated steel chain to ensure durability and reliability.

It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on the moving parts and console. The Model D has been designed to last and is the ideal training tool for any athlete.


  • Compact Design: The Concept2 Model D is a compact exercise equipment that takes up very little space, making it ideal for those that train in a home gym. It can also be easily broken down into two segments, hung on a wall with a Rogue wall hanger, or stored vertically.
  • Adjustable Resistance: The adjustable damper setting of the Model D allows you to customize your workout intensity, from low-intensity steady-state training to high-intensity sprints.
  • PM5 Performance Monitor: The monitor provides instant feedback on pace, watts, calories, distance, and RPMs. It is also Bluetooth compatible and can easily connect to a heart rate monitor or the ErgData app.
  • Durable construction: The Concept2 Model D is made with aluminum front legs and steel rear legs with an aluminum I-beam monorail and a stainless-steel seat track, making it highly durable and capable of withstanding multiple years of use.
  • Comfort: The Concept2 Model D features an ergonomically designed handle with molded rubber grips for comfort, adjustable footrests to fit a wide range of shoe sizes and a contoured and padded seat for maximum comfort during long rowing sessions.
  •  User-friendly: It only takes about 10-20 minutes for assembly, making it easy to set up. 


  • Expensive: The Model D is an expensive piece of cardio equipment, costing nearly $1,000 shipped.
  • Blisters: Many users reported blisters on their hands during the initial use due to the rower’s ergonomically designed handle with molded rubber grips.
  • Seat Hardening: Several users have reported that the seat gets harder over time with extended use. This may require a folded towel or removable seat pad for comfort.

4. Echelon Row-S Connected Rowing Machine – Best Foldable Rowing Machine For Apartment

The Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine stands out from other rowing machines with its unique folding capabilities. Unlike many other machines, which are made to be stored upright or taken apart, the Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine can be folded in half for easy storage. This makes it the perfect machine for those with limited space, as it can easily be tucked away when not in use. Additionally, this rowing machine features resistance buttons built into the handlebar, allowing users to adjust the intensity of their workout on the fly. 

The rowing machine features a 22″ touchscreen that swivels 180 degrees, making it ideal for off-rower programming. The touchscreen is larger than many competitors and loads faster than what is seen with NordicTrack’s iFit. Additionally, users can connect their heart rate monitor via Bluetooth to the Row-s, allowing them to track their progress. The touchscreen also allows users to watch their favorite movies and shows from Netflix, Hulu, and Disney while they row.

The device holder is conveniently located and easy to access, so users can quickly and easily attach their devices. The device holder allows users to utilize their iPad or smartphone while using the machine. This provides convenient flexibility to the rowing machine, allowing users to choose how they want to use it.

The Echelon Row-s Connected Rowing Machine is relatively easy to assemble. The box it comes in is big and heavy, so you may need help getting it into your home. However, once you have it inside, assembly is relatively straightforward. The machine’s components are well packaged with clear instructions, and it should take an hour or two to assemble. Additionally, the machine comes with all the necessary tools, so you don’t need to use any of your own. The rower has the added convenience of 2 wheels on the front of the machine, allowing it to be moved easily when needed.


  • 22″ touchscreen that swivels: The large touchscreen provides a clear view of the programming and swivels a full 180 degrees, making it convenient to watch programming off the machine.
  • Foldable Design: The Echelon Smart Rower has a flexible joint in front of the seat, making it possible to fold the slider vertically for easy storage. This design makes it easy to store between sessions.
  • Echelon Fit App for Virtual Workouts: The Echelon Fit app gives you access to a library of thousands of on-demand classes and to join live sessions. This allows you to get a full-body workout without leaving the house.
  • Quiet Magnetic Resistance System: The Echelon Smart Rower has a magnetic resistance system that is almost silent, even as you use the handlebar controls to cycle through the machine’s 32 levels of resistance.
  • Adjustable Footplates: The adjustable footplates keep you firmly in place while exercising, making it easier to focus on your workout.
  • Device Holder: There is an adjustable arm and device holder above the handlebar to keep your phone in view during your workout, allowing you to easily follow the classes or your metrics.
  • Connect heart rate monitor: Connect your heart rate monitor via Bluetooth for more accurate performance tracking.


  • No Integrated Display: The Echelon Smart Rower does not have an integrated display. You must install the Echelon app on your smartphone or tablet and place it in the machine’s device holder to view your workout stats.
  • Echelon Fit App Requires Monthly Subscription: To access the on-demand and live classes available on the Echelon Fit app, you need to take out a relatively costly monthly membership on top of the initial price of the machine.
  • Heavy: The machine is heavy (108lbs/49kg), so it’s worth having someone help you with assembly. Also, handling the resistance mechanism (where most of the weight is) can be challenging.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine – Best Budget Rowing Machine For Apartment

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a full-body workout on a budget. It features a strong magnetic resistance system with 8 levels of adjustable tension, a large LCD monitor to track time, count, calories, and total count, and a comfortable padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars for ultimate comfort.

It also offers easy storage with its foldable design and transportation wheels for moving it around. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of 250 lbs and should accommodate most users. 

In addition, the Rowing Machine is extremely easy to assemble. It comes with one of the best instruction systems for a rowing machine, with only 4 steps needing to be followed. Each step has a labeled bag with the appropriate parts and includes all necessary tools.

Most users could assemble it in under 30 minutes, and the magnetic flywheel already has the rowing strap and handle in place. Assembly is essentially just attaching the supports to the seat rail and attaching the seat. This straightforward and quick process allows users to begin rowing on the SF-RW5515 quickly.

The SF-RW5515 rower is a quiet machine, perfect for those who want a great workout without disturbing their spouse or baby in the other room. Being a magnetic resistance rowing machine, there are no bothersome squeaks or clinks when rowing.

Additionally, there is no need to be concerned about having an electrical outlet as the monitor is battery-operated. With this machine, you can watch TV or movies while getting a great workout without worrying about disturbing anyone.

With its strong build quality, adjustable resistance, and affordable price, the Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower will surely give users a great rowing experience.


  • Strong Resistance: The SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower features 8 resistance levels and a magnetic tension system for a smooth, realistic rowing motion. This allows users to feel strong resistance at a slower pace, providing a great workout for all skill levels.
  • Affordable Price: This rowing machine is among the most reasonably priced magnetic rowers currently available, rendering it an excellent choice for those with budgetary constraints.
  • Comfort: The SF-RW5515 model features a cozy padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars for maximum comfort. The foot pedals are spacious enough to accommodate any shoe size and equipped with adaptable foot straps, guaranteeing secure foot placement.
  • Quiet: The SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower operates quietly, permitting users to row without disturbing a sleeping spouse or baby in another room. Additionally, it is ideal for watching television or movies while achieving a fantastic workout with minimal noise.
  • Capacity: The weight limit of the Sunny Fitness Magnetic Rower is 250 lbs [114kg]. The seat rail is fairly long and can accommodate almost every user.
  • Storage: The SF-RW5515 can fold up for storage and vastly reduce its footprint. Storing is very simple and can be done in under 30 seconds.


  • Monitor: The monitor that comes with the SF-RW5515 is basic and does not record distance or meters rowed. The display is also difficult to read because it is a bit small and isn’t backlit.
  • Warranty: The warranty period on the SF-RW5515 is short, with only 1-year coverage on the frame and 90 days on the parts.
  • Footprint: When not in storage mode, the SF-RW5515 has a large footprint, taking up 82″ x 19″ x 23″ worth of space.

Final Words

Thanks for reading our blog post on the best quiet rowing machines for apartments! As demonstrated, numerous excellent choices are available for those seeking a machine that won’t disrupt their neighbors.

From the quiet and reliable Concept2 Model D to the compact and affordable Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515, each machine on our list offers something unique for different needs and budgets.

No matter which one you choose, remember to consider the noise level when making your decision. You can enjoy a great workout without bothering your apartment neighbors by opting for a rowing machine with a quieter resistance system, solid construction, and good noise insulation.

We hope our list has helped you find the perfect quiet rowing machine for your apartment. Happy rowing!


What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Quietest?

If you’re looking for a quiet rowing machine, you’ll want to consider machines with magnetic or water resistance, as they tend to be quieter than machines with air resistance.

Magnetic resistance rowing machines use magnets to create resistance, which means there are no moving parts to create noise. This makes them a great option if you’re looking for a quiet workout. Additionally, these machines are often compact and lightweight, ideal for smaller apartments.

Water resistance rowing machines use paddles to create resistance by moving through water in a tank. While they do make some noise as the water sloshes around, the sound is often described as soothing and not disruptive. These machines can also be a great option for apartment workouts as they are often designed to reduce noise.

Regarding quietness, magnetic or water resistance machines are likely the best options. However, it’s always a good idea to read reviews and research before purchasing to ensure you find the quietest rowing machine that meets your needs and budget.

Are Magnetic Rowing Machines Noisy?

No, magnetic rowing machines are not noisy. In fact, some models are almost silent. Magnetic rowers are one of the most popular types of rowing machines, especially for use in the home, due to their low noise output. They work by varying the distance between strong magnets and a spinning flywheel attached to the handle by a chain. This produces a smooth rowing action and very little noise. Magnetic rowers can be an excellent choice for home users as they require very little maintenance, are quiet, stylish, and require little care.

Are Water Rowers Quieter Than Air Rowers?

Yes, water rowers are generally quieter than air rowers. This is because water rowers don’t have a fan flywheel in an enclosure as air rowers do, so they make less noise. Water rowers also don’t need to be adjusted or calibrated as air rowers do, so they don’t produce any extra noise. In contrast, air rowers make a gushing fan noise with every stroke as the flywheel is driven by a 1:1 transfer configuration via a rowing strap. Additionally, air rowers are lighter and more compact than water rowers, making them easier to store or move around.

What Is The Best Rowing Machine For Home Use?

The best rowing machine for home use is the Concept2 D PM5 Rower. This machine features the PM5 monitor, which provides accurate, comparable data for every row, and allows wireless connection to heart rate belts and apps. It also has an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip and reduces strain on the wrists and hands. The adjustable footrests and low-profile seat provide maximum comfort during exercise. 

What Are The Cons Of A Magnetic Rower?

Magnetic rowers’ main disadvantage is their lack of a realistic rowing experience. This type of machine uses magnets to generate resistance, which can be adjusted but does not vary with each stroke. This can make it difficult to replicate the feeling of rowing in a boat on open water, making it a less-than-ideal choice for serious rowers. Additionally, some users have noted that magnetic rowers can be less stable than other types due to the flywheel design. 

Is Rowing Better Than Walking?

Both rowing and walking are great forms of exercise, but they offer different benefits.

Walking is a form of exercise that is gentle on the joints, simple to perform, and offers numerous benefits such as enhanced heart health, increased bone and muscle strength, and calorie burning. In addition, walking is a weight-bearing activity that can boost bone density and lower the likelihood of developing osteoporosis.

Rowing, on the other hand, is a full-body workout that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It can help build strength and endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness, and burn calories faster than walking. Rowing is also a low-impact exercise that is easy on your joints.

Walking and rowing can be excellent forms of exercise, and the best one for you depends on your fitness goals and preferences. Rowing may be the better choice to improve your overall fitness and build strength and endurance. But if you’re starting out or have limited mobility, walking can be a great way to get moving and improve your health.

Are Using Mats Necessary For A Rowing Machine?

Using a mat under your rowing machine is not absolutely necessary, but it can be beneficial in several ways.

Firstly, a mat can help to protect your floor from scratches, scuffs, and other damage that may be caused by the rowing machine. This is especially important if you have hardwood floors or easily damaged carpeting.

Secondly, a mat can help absorb some of the noise and vibrations produced by the rowing machine during use. This can help reduce the impact on your joints and minimize the amount of noise transferred to other parts of your home or apartment.

Finally, using a mat can also help improve your rowing machine’s stability and safety. It can help to prevent the machine from sliding or moving around during use, which can be dangerous and increase the risk of injury.

So while using a mat under your rowing machine may not be necessary, it is a good idea if you want to protect your floors, reduce noise and vibrations, and improve the stability and safety of your machine.

Are The Quietest Rowing Machines Better Than Treadmills?

Comparing rowing machines to treadmills can be difficult because they offer different types of workouts and benefits. However, when it comes to noise level, quieter rowing machines may be a better choice than treadmills for certain situations.

If you live in an apartment or have neighbors below you, a quieter rowing machine may be a better choice than a treadmill, as it will produce less noise and vibration. Additionally, rowing machines offer a full-body workout that engages multiple muscle groups, while treadmills primarily focus on cardiovascular exercise and leg muscles.

That said, a treadmill may be a better choice if you’re looking for a high-intensity cardio workout. Treadmills allow you to simulate running or walking outdoors, and they can be great for improving cardiovascular fitness and burning calories.

Whether a quiet rowing machine or a treadmill is better depends on your fitness goals, preferences, and living situation. It is advisable to test both types of equipment and determine which one you find enjoyable and can adhere to for an extended period.

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